To become a member of Pitch&Putt club Žaženberk please fill out the following form: Application form PP club Žaženberk and send it on e-mail: or by regular mail on:

PP klub Žaženberk
Sv. Lovrenc 95
3312 Prebold

When we receive your application form and membership fee payment (except the exceptions mentioned below), each member receives a membership card and get the right to attend official competitions within the Pitch&Putt clubs, Pitch&Putt Association of Slovenia (PPZS) as well as international Pitch&Putt competitions.


  • All applicants who already have permission for playing golf, automatically have permission for playing Pitch&Putt and appropriate Pitch&Putt HCP is calculated from golf HCP
  • For all those who do not already have permission for playing Pitch&Putt or golf, Pitch&Putt club Žaženberk will organize suitable 7-hour course in groups of 6 to 8 people

Annual membership fee:

Based on the decision of the PPZS Management Board (recommendation to the clubs) the annual membership fee is:

1. Members: 50€/year

2. Students and pensioners: 25€/year

3. Pre-school and primary school children: Free

All those who will participate in the course for Pitch&Putt playing permission in year 2017, will not have annual membership fee payment for year 2017.